Gun control activist David Hogg draws the line at backpack control

Ever since the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida last month, a group of students (with the help of their PR firm) have been making the rounds on television demanding that we do something. The students, especially Hogg, have mostly brushed off numerous law enforcement failures before and during the shooting. So when they say they want to do something, they mean new laws and policies.

One thing the students have asked lawmakers to consider is banning all “assault rifles” like the AR-15. That’s what a reasonable approach to this incident looks like, apparently, i.e. make it illegal for millions of gun owners and collectors to buy guns that look like the one used by a deranged teenager to murder people. That sort of ban almost certainly isn’t going to happen anytime soon and would be challenged in court if it ever happened. But the point is that these students want big changes.

To a point.

While the pro-gun control students have been making the rounds on TV, local authorities back in Parkland, FL have been making some changes of their own. Starting next month, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school will be required to wear nametags at all times and to use see-through backpacks. The NY Times reports:

The Florida high school where a gunman killed 17 people last month will require students to carry only clear backpacks, school administrators announced on Wednesday, after the shooting suspect’s brother was charged with trespassing on campus and two students were arrested on charges of carrying knives…

Robert W. Runcie, the superintendent of Broward County Public Schools, sent a letter to the families of Stoneman Douglas High students imposing the new backpack rule, reminiscent of security measures at airports and professional sports venues. He said any student without a clear backpack would be provided one at no cost after spring break, which takes place next week.

Students also will be issued identification badges, which they will be required to wear at all times while in school.

Suddenly, gun control activist David Hogg thinks things have gone too far. In an interview with Axios this morning he said this:

So, gun control for an entire country of 300 million people is a reasonable response to the Parkland shooting, but backpack control at one high school is an unreasonable response to the Parkland shooting. How dare authorities impose this one-size-fits-all mandate on everyone, including the vast majority of students who did nothing wrong! Oh…wait.

They told me if we elected President Trump we’d get a nation run by irrational populists and they were right!