Graffiti at Evergreen State College equates science with white supremacy

Friday, President George Bridges of Evergreen State College sent an email to “colleagues” about a recent incident of graffiti on campus. The full email was published by former Evergreen Professor Bret Weinstein on Twitter (see below). The email reads in part:

Earlier this week, some graffiti was spotted on campus that sought to couterpose intersectionality and the sciences, equating the latter with white supremacy. Facilities staff have completed the chore of cleaning up the graffiti.

The slur against the sciences, however interpreted, is offensive and disappointing to see given the values we espouse and our shared commitment to equity and interdisciplinarity. Using graffiti to condemn one discipline or summarilty dismiss one group in favor of others runs counter to these values. Evergreen strives to bring multiple lenses into our work, to afford respect to all who are here and will continue to do so. Whoever made the graffiti seems not to understand or respect these central tenents of our college.

In response, Bret Weinstein wrote, “George, During the @EvergreenStCol riots, students of color were chastised as traitors for studying science, science faculty were hunted, and you ordered campus police to stay out of it. Don’t pretend this graffiti is surprising. These are your chickens, home to roost.”

There doesn’t seem to be any photos showing the graffiti, but given that the college’s president sent out an email about it, it clearly did happen. It’s not the first time far-left graffiti has appeared on the campus. From last June:

I won’t rehash the whole Evergreen story on a Friday afternoon but I will say that this is just the sort of thing Bret Weinstein said he was worried about even before the campus exploded last year, i.e. far-left dogma would try to dominate the sciences the way it has the humanities on campus. If you want to remember how all of this started, I recommend this clip, really a short film, published earlier this month which features Weinstein’s return to campus to discuss what happened.