Michael Wolff suddenly can't hear interviewer when asked about Nikki Haley allegation (Update)

When I wrote about Michael Wolff yesterday, I suggested his backtrack on the insinuations of an affair between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley (made on a Dutch TV show) might not be the end of the story. Sure enough, it seems he is going to extraordinary lengths to avoid discussing the topic again. Yesterday he appeared on Australia’s Today show. He was interviewed for five minutes about various topics but when the interviewer asked about his Nikki Haley insinuation, Wolff suddenly claimed his earpiece had stopped working and then walked off the set.

To really appreciate this clip, you need to at least skim through the earlier discussion. You’ll see that at no point does Wolff indicate he’s unable to hear. It all seems to be going just fine. Then comes this final exchange:

Host: You said during a TV interview just last month that you’re absolutely sure that Donald Trump is currently having an affair while President behind the back of the First Lady. And I repeat, you said you were absolutely sure.

Wolff: Hold, hold…I…Yeah, I can’t…

Host: Just last week however you back-flipped and said quote, I do not know if the president is having an affair. Do you owe the president and the first lady an apology Mr. Wolff?

Wolff: I can’t hear you.

Host: Just last you said…

Wolff: Hello?

Host: …you were absolutely sure that the president was having an affair and now you say…

Wolff: I’m not getting…I’m not getting anything.

Host: You’re not hearing me, Mr. Wolff?

Wolff: N—I’m not getting anything.

Host: We were hearing each other well just before.

At this point, Wolff removes the earpiece and begins getting out of his chair. The host wraps up the interview. In case you have any doubt that Wolff was faking this, I’ll just point out three reasons why it’s clear [I highlighted these 3 moments above so you can look for them in the video].

  1. When the host begins the final question, Wolff is listening until the word “affair” at which point his brow furrows. And then, moments later, he interrupts claiming he can’t hear. But it seems he heard a word he didn’t like.
  2. Wolff, who supposedly can’t hear, then waits until the host finishes his question and immediately responds, “I can’t hear you.” It’s curious he managed to time it just after the host had finished speaking if he can’t hear.
  3. When the host says, “You’re not hearing me Mr. Wolff?” Wolff starts to say “No.” You can hear the ‘N’ forming but he then catches himself and says, “I’m not getting anything.”

Stick around after the interview ends for the bemused discussion between the co-hosts and their producer. They know what just happened and they’re laughing at Wolff’s graceless exit. The producer even says, “He was going to say no,” referring to the moment when Wolff almost blew it completely.

Michael Wolff would rather fake his way out of an interview than admit he was wrong to insinuate Nikki Haley was having an affair with the president. Again, skim through this to get a sense of how normal it was right up to the question he didn’t like, which begins at 4:25. Watch his face change at the word “affair” at 4:31. And don’t miss Wolff almost saying “No” when asked if he can hear at 5:04. What a creep.

Update: The anchor who interviewed Wolff posted this video with the audio that was coming through the earpiece: