Trump visits Florida hospital, meets with school shooting victims

President Trump visited a Florida hospital Friday afternoon where victims of the Parkland school shooting were recovering. He announced he would be making the visit earlier today on Twitter:

The cameras didn’t follow Trump into the hospital rooms of victims (for obvious reasons) so it’s not clear what he said to them, but afterwards he gave a brief statement to the media from inside the hospital. From CNN:

Trump told reporters at the hospital that he spoke to victims of the shooting, adding that it is “very sad something like that could happen.”

The President, during the brief exchange, also heralded the efforts of hospital staff and first responders to save lives.

“It’s an incredible thing,” he said of the speed with which people were taken for treatment at the hospital after being wounded. “I want to congratulate them.”

A White House statement said that the Trumps were visiting “to pay their respects and thank the medical professionals for their life-saving assistance” in response to shooting.

Trump shook the hand of one doctor but left after about a minute. A reporter shouted a question about the need to change gun laws as Trump headed down a corridor and out of sight. He was followed by a large contingent of Secret Service officers.

This isn’t going to matter to the progressives who want to see action on gun control rather than empathy for victims, but at least Trump seems to be making a good faith effort to show he cares.