CNN: Sorry male Trump voters, this random divorcee swipes left for your kind

Today CNN published a story headlined, “Why I swipe left on Trump voters.” That headline really does sum up the content of the piece. This is author Marcy Fleisher’s discussion of her post-divorce dating life and how she decided to add a ‘No Trump voters need apply’ clause to her Match profile. In order to inject some drama into this rather pedestrian story, the author writes about a few would-be suitors who found her dismissal offensive:

The morning after my Match profile went “live,” my in-box filled. I was shocked to read message after message from pro-Trumpers, whose names I’ve changed here to protect their privacy. Mike was complimentary and candid. “But in fairness to you, I did vote for Trump,” he wrote.

“Then we likely value very different things,” I emailed back. “And, frankly, the gap is just too wide to ever cross that bridge.”

Mike’s flattery quickly turned to fury. “For the record, you have NO IDEA what I value. I certainly don’t regret my vote; didn’t have any other option to fix what needed fixing in the US.”

His flattery turned to fury? I mean, he did capitalize two words so many he was a little irked at being brushed off, but fury? Her suffering continues when she is lured to coffee by someone who seems nice but turns out to be a Trump voter:

And then there was Brad. After several engaging emails back and forth, coffee seemed like a good idea. It was, until one cup in. Our conversation turned to politics, a safe zone, I assumed, since my profile made my position explicitly clear. That’s when Brad confessed to simply ignoring my deal breaker and preceded to tell me all the reasons Clinton couldn’t possibly make America great again.

What followed wasn’t pretty, as I passionately pointed out that my candidate never grabbed a woman by the you know what and bragged about it. I then angrily swept out the door, leaving my date sitting solo with my lukewarm latte.

For the record, Fleischer’s reaction here is a lot closer to “fury” than Mike’s was. In any case, you just know she would never walk out on a coffee date over a man praising Bill Clinton. At least that obvious point of comparison seems to elude a lot of progressive women. Serious question for Marcy: Do you really think Bill Clinton hasn’t said worse things in private moments? And a follow-up: Did you consider adding a ‘No Bill Clinton voters’ statement to your profile? Why not? I bet some of your potential left-leaning dates voted for him back in the day.

Fleischer concludes, “for me, a vote for Trump signals a fundamental difference in core values, a difference I can’t disregard or move past when looking for love. It is the reason I swipe left.” This is basically a progressive clapper piece designed to demonstrates the persistence of the resistance. It’s not even original. CNN ran a story on Trump supporters in New York trying to find dates back in December. That piece at least gave a sense this was part of a trend, not just one random person’s dating habits. Here’s how it concluded:

In mid-September, a line of people snaked around the northern block of Union Square as Clinton arrived at a Barnes and Noble to sign copies of her new book, “What happened.”

The queue is an even mix of women and men, ranging from teenagers to people in their seventies. Throughout the line, people not surprisingly scoffed when I asked whether they’d date a Trump supporter.

“Not even at my age” a woman in her early sixties said.

We get it CNN. Everyone hates Trump voters and would never, ever date them. You don’t need to reinforce the point ever two months with a fresh example.