Someone delivered a gift-wrapped box of horse poop to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin

There’s a difference between ‘the resistance’ and poo-flinging monkeys but I’m no longer sure what it is. Yesterday one of Mnuchin’s neighbors noticed a gift-wrapped package near his home and called the police. The Washington Post reports there was a serious response from authorities worried it could be a bomb:

The package was labeled as being from “the American people,” according to the news station.

Secret Service agents and Los Angeles police, including bomb-squad officers, soon swarmed the area to investigate the package.

In video of the scene taken by an NBC Los Angeles helicopter, an officer can be seen opening the box, dumping out its contents and spreading a dark, unevenly clumped substance across the ground.

The substance ended up being horse manure, police said. And, according to aerial footage, there was a lot of it.

After about two hours of neighbors trapped in their homes on a Saturday night because of the police activity, the area was cleared. The Secret Service has taken over the investigation into who left the package but of course, it’s a safe bet why it was left: The Resistance. This isn’t even the first time the resistance has directed its attention to someone’s home and gotten the address wrong. From the LA Times in February:

A couple of dozen activists came out to a suburban cul-de-sac in Lancaster on Thursday night, planning to hold a candlelight vigil outside Rep. Steve Knight’s house, part of a statewide effort targeting seven GOP representatives.

The protesters were there in large part to demand a town hall meeting with Knight to discuss the Trump administration’s immigration and healthcare policies.

A problem quickly emerged as protesters neared a home they believed belonged to Knight: Two neighbors said the congressman and his family moved out in the last few months.

Personalizing their anger by showing up at people’s homes was actually less extreme than some of the behavior these same resistance groups spawned. It has been a few months so maybe you’ve forgotten the series of threats inspired by left-wing disruption manuals and podcasts. A whole series of Republican officeholders were threatened, some quite specifically. A man who threatened Rep. Martha McSally was arrested after sending her a message saying he couldn’t wait to “pull the trigger.” In some cases, families were brought into it. Rep. Tom Garrett got a message stating, “This is how we’re going to kill your wife.” Rep. Kevin Cramer’s car was run off the road. In June, House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving announced there had been a record number of threats against members of Congress, more in the first six months of 2017 than in all of 2016.

The same progressive groups that encouraged all of this resistance to Republicans earlier in the year recently encouraged them to turn the House of Representatives into a circus, shouting, “Kill the bill, don’t kill us” from the gallery. This is not only a serious violation of decorum it’s also idiotic since the tax bill, including repeal of the individual mandate, kills no one.

In all, 200 progressive activists have been arrested for protests at the Capitol in the past few weeks. I bring all of this up to point out that delivering horse manure to someone’s home fits into the overall pattern of left-wing activists looking for new and creative ways to push the boundaries. Meanwhile, left-wing writers at supposedly serious outlets will continue to decry the abandonment of norms while somehow failing to connect the dots on all of this obnoxious/dangerous activity as if these are isolated incidents. It’s not too late to stop normalizing juvenile left-wing stunts in response to election results they don’t like. Let’s hope this ends rather than escalates in 2018.