Al Franken accusers not thrilled with his non-apology

Three of Al Franken’s accusers say they were disappointed in the Senator’s speech announcing his plans to resign. All three noted that Franken seemed to be claiming their accounts of what happened weren’t true. ABC News reports that accuser Lindsay Menz, who says Franken grabbed her rear while taking a photo with her, was disappointed by his speech:

“I definitely wanted more answers today,” Menz told “Nightline.” “I expected for him to come and share the truth, share what he had experienced, you know, give us some sort of resolve to the situation. And I don’t feel like there was a resolve to the situation today.”…

“I felt like he was going to actually talk about the accusations against him,” Menz said. “I felt like he was going to share his point of view. I felt like he was going to either say, you know, ‘I did these things, and I’m sorry for doing these things. I shouldn’t have done them.’ Or, you know, fully renounce them, because he hasn’t fully renounced them.”

Stephanie Kemplin was the 5th woman to accuse Franken of misconduct. Last month she told CNN that while she was serving in the Army in 2003, she met Franken on one of his USO tours. She claimed Franken groped her breast during a photo op. Yesterday, Kemplin appeared on MSNBC and said she was “appalled” by his resignation speech. From

“I’m so sad and appalled at his lack of response and him owning up to what he did,” Kemplin said.

“I feel that he just keeps passing the buck and making it out to be something that we took his behavior the wrong way or we misconstrued something or we just flat out lied about what happened to us.”…

“Justice to me would be him owning up to what he did,” Kemplin said on MSNBC.

Here’s a clip of Kemplin’s appearance:

Finally, Tina Dupuy, appeared on CNN today and criticized Franken’s resignation. Dupuy also claims Franken groping her during a photo shoot in a way that felt inappropriate.

“I thought that he said to listen to women and then he talked about himself,” Dupuy said. She continued, “It wasn’t an apology. It was very defiant. He wanted to talk about the pain that he was going through, which was obvious, but not the pain that he’s inflicted. So, I thought that was inappropriate to do that from the Senate floor, quite candidly.” So at least 3 out of 8 accusers who feel Franken’s resignation left a lot to be desired. You get the feeling he was pressured to leave by Democrats who desperately want to be on the right side of this issue after failing to be when it mattered in the late 1990s.