Sen. Collins will vote yes on the tax bill, Sen. Corker will vote no

We’ve been following the efforts to get Senator Collins to “yes” on the GOP tax bill for at least two weeks. Earlier today, Ed noted that even as the GOP was declaring it had the votes to pass the bill, Sen. Collins quickly piped up to say she was still undecided. Sometime between this morning and this afternoon, that changed. Collins released a statement saying she now supports the bill:

I don’t think there is a single American who thinks that our current tax code is fair, simple, or promotes economic growth.  We need a tax system that will boost the economy, help the middle class, and encourage small businesses to grow and create jobs.  If we stimulate the economy through tax reform, we can significantly increase federal revenues while boosting Americans’ take-home pay.

By nearly doubling the standard deduction and expanding the child tax credit, this bill will provide significant relief to lower- and middle-income taxpayers. For example, a single mother with one child earning $35,000 will see her taxes drop by nearly 4,000 percent. Instead of paying money to Washington, she will be getting more than $1,100 back each year to help her make ends meet.

Sen. Collins then listed several changes to the bill which she says address the concerns she had about it. She tweeted about each of these items:

The last item she mentions is the passage of Alexander-Murray which will restore cost-sharing payments. She received a commitment from Mitch McConnell on that issue as well. And with that Collins is a yes:

With Senators Murkowski, McCain, Flake and Johnson already on board, that leaves just Sen. Corker. He announced a short while ago that he will be a no vote on the bill because of his concern over rising national debt:

Assuming no one changes their mind, that means the GOP definitely has the votes to pass the tax bill even without the help of VP Pence. Between this and the Flynn news, the emotional roller coaster taking place at the White House today must be truly epic.

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