Morning Mika: In the case of Bill Clinton 'the predator flourished and continued to be the President'

The reevaluation of Bill Clinton is happening so fast this week that it’s hard to keep up. Today Mika Brzezinski described Bill Clinton as a “predator” during a discussion of sexual harassment and assault allegations. She went on to say that she believed “in the moment” that Bill Clinton should have stepped down as President once allegations about Monica Lewinsky surfaced (h/t The Daily Wire).

“There are cases that are proven, where there are settlements, where there is evidence and the sexual predator has been brought down—Harvey Weinstein,” Brzezinski said. She continued, “There are cases where the predator flourished and continued to be the President of the United States. I’m talking about Bill Clinton.

“Where the women were attacked, where they were settled with, and their lives were ruined – Monica Lewinsky. And forever stamped with a scarlet letter.”

After a few minutes discussing this, Brzezinski closed the segment by pointing to Sen. Gillibrand’s statement Thursday that Bill Clinton should have stepped down in light of the allegations against him. Brzezinski claimed she had agreed with this from the moment the allegations came out.

“When asked by the New York Times if Bill Clinton should have resigned after his relationship with Monica Lewinsky was revealed the New York Democrat—and I completely agree and I felt this in the moment—said yes,” Brzezinski said. She added, “I think that is the appropriate response. I don’t know why women in the White House and in Washington did not think that in the moment…that’s me not her.”

“I think the days of sort of tip-toeing around the Clinton’s are over and I’m fine with it,” Brzezinski said. One of her panelists replied, “Thank goodness.”

We’ve literally gone from complete and total silence on this issue for nearly 20 years to people jumping on the Clinton-is-a-creep bandwagon and proclaiming they’ve always felt this way. I honestly don’t know what Mika felt about Bill Clinton “in the moment” but as far as I can tell, this is the first time she’s called him a “predator” on television.

Her statement that the days of “tip-toeing” around the Clinton’s is also pretty revealing. First, it reveals that she and others have been tip-toeing around the Clinton’s for years. Secondly, it adds credence to the point many conservatives have made (including I think every author here at Hot Air) that the reason the dialogue about Clinton is shifting now is that Hillary lost the election. Had she won, I strongly suspect Mike Brzezinski would still be keeping her opinion of Bill to herself, as would Sen. Gillibrand, Matt Yglesias and everyone else who has had a sudden change of heart this week.

Here’s the full 7-minute clip. Mika’s statement about Bill being a predator comes at about 2:15. Her statement about tip-toeing around the Clintons comes near the end at 7:25.

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