Roy Moore's attorney: Release the yearbook so we can have it analyzed

This is not the same attorney that Allahpundit wrote about earlier today, i.e. the “Don Lemon squeezy keep it easy” guy. His name is Trenton Garmon. This is another attorney representing Roy Moore whose name is Phillip L. Jauregui. Jauregui gave a press conference today during which he denied the accusations made by Beverly Young Nelson and asked that she and her attorney Gloria Allred release the yearbook so it could be analyzed by a handwriting expert.

“You may remember on Monday Ms. Nelson and Ms. Allred in support—really the only piece of evidence they had in addition to the allegations was a yearbook where they claimed it had been signed,” Jauregui said. He continued,”And they said very specifically, look back at what they said. Everything on that page, they said, was written by Judge Moore.

“Now Judge Moore, not only has denied everything she said before but now flatly denies that. And he says it’s not true. We have a handwriting expert…that’s looking at those. But here’s the problem, a handwriting expert can’t look at a copy on the internet, right? They’ve got to look at an original.

“So right now Trent Garmon, our attorney has sent a letter or is sending a letter to Gloria Allred demanding that the yearbook be released. We’ll send it to a neutral custodian who will keep chain of custody and our professional expert will examine it and we’ll find out, is it genuine or is it a fraud.”

All of this tracks with claims that started circulating on the internet Monday that there were two different types of handwriting on the page.

Jauregui went on to suggest that the signature itself might be a forgery. He notes that Roy Moore was never the District Attorney he was the assistant district attorney. However, he says his assistant, whose name is Delbra Adams, “would stamp his signature on documents and then put capital D period, capital A period.” Jauregui says that’s how divorce documents involving Beverly Young Nelson were signed. So the suggestion he’s making is that Nelson forged the signature.

I’ll grant this much, the two instances of “77” on that page do look different from each other, but there are other possible explanations for this. Maybe Nelson wrote in the “DA” plus the date and location (Olde Hickory House was the name of the restaurant) sometime afterward so she’d remember. If true, this should have been explained by Allred when she allowed her client to present the yearbook, but it doesn’t prove the inscription itself is fake, much less that Nelson’s entire story is untrue. In fact, Jauregui never specifically said Moore didn’t sign the yearbook, he seems to be emphasizing that not everything on the page is from one person. I think this is pretty thin at this point, but I guess you can’t blame Moore for trying.