Corey Feldman on the Today show: I'll name names when I have legal protection

Last Wednesday I wrote about Corey Feldman’s plan to raise $10 million dollars so he can make a feature film about his experiences being sexually abused as a child actor. Today Feldman appeared on the Today show to make his case for why he wants to take this approach. Feldman actually appeared on the show twice, once with Matt Lauer and later with Megyn Kelly.


Matt Lauer seemed skeptical of Feldman’s plan and said, “In all fairness, we’ve been down this road before with you.”

“Never,” Feldman replied.

“You have promised in the past to name names,” Lauer said.

“Never,” Feldman replied again.

“When you were talking about your book you said you were going to blow the lid off of this,” Lauer said.

“And this is why I’m doing this because when I wrote my book the publishers prevented me from writing the names down,” Feldman said.

Asked why he doesn’t just reveal the names to the police Feldman had two answers. First, he did name several of the abusers when the police interviewed him in 1993. At the time they were looking for information on possible pedophilia involving Michael Jackson and Feldman says he told the police he knew what pedophiles were like because he’d been victimized. But the police at the time told him his accusations were outside their jurisdiction and did nothing to pursue his claims. Second, Feldman points out that the statute of limitations for bringing sexual assault charges in California is ten years, meaning Feldman has no legal recourse at this point.


Later, in the interview with Megyn Kelly, Feldman clarified that he had named one abuser in the book, Marty Weiss, a man who he says had already been arrested for pedophilia. Kelly pressed Feldman to release the name of the second person who molested him as a child and Feldman replied, “The second one ran a child’s club in Hollywood.” Feldman added, “I just found out that he’s working for the LA Dodgers.” Asked if he just wanted to give the name, Feldman replied, “I can’t do that right now until I have legal protection, you understand that. Once I have legal protection I’m happy to do it all.”

Here’s the interview with Megyn Kelly. The earlier interview with Matt Lauer is here.

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