Fox News poll: Moore and Jones tied in Alabama Senate race

Fox News has a new poll out showing the special election in Alabama between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones is a tied race, with each candidate at 42 percent among registered voters.

Among voters most interested in the race, Jones has a tiny advantage:

A Fox News Poll also finds that among just the 53 percent of Alabama registered voters who are extremely or very interested in the race, Jones has a one-point edge over Moore (46-45 percent)…

“This race exemplifies the difficulty the Republican Party has now,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News Poll with Democrat Chris Anderson.

“There is an element of the party that has had it with the establishment, had it with politics as usual, had it with political correctness. The fissure within the party means divisive primaries, controversial candidates, and hard choices for GOP voters once the general election rolls around.”

Why is Moore struggling in a state that Trump won overwhelmingly last year? The poll found that 42% of Moore’s supporters have reservations about him, compared to just 28% of Jones’ supporters who feel the same about their candidate. Also, notice that 21% of Jones’ supporters say opposition to Moore best describes their support for Jones.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls still has Moore up 4.4% with this tied Fox News poll included. But the previous polls in their list are a couple weeks old now, so this could be showing a real shift. In any case, with 11% of voters saying they haven’t made up their mind yet, there’s plenty of room for this to go either way. The special election will be held on December 12.

Allahpundit Aug 09, 2022 5:01 PM ET