University of Michigan students disrupt speech by Charles Murray

Charles Murray gave a speech at the University of Michigan Wednesday afternoon and students disrupted it, talked over it, and eventually walked out on it but the event was not canceled. Reason editor Robby Soave was in the room and provided running commentary (and video) on this Twitter feed:

In the following clip, one of the protesters is now standing up and yelling, “They are killing us! This is ethnic cleansing!” Another student responds, “I have a right to listen” at which point everyone starts shouting and it’s hard to make out what is being said. When it calms down a bit, the student in the back repeats that he has a “right to listen.” The protester is trying to rally his side with “They are killing us!” but the crowd seems to less enthusiastic. Just when you think it might settle down a bit, someone turns off the lights and a projector shines on the wall above Murray with the words “White Supremacist.”

I wonder how many of the protesters who accuse Charles Murray of “killing” people are supporters of murderous communist Che Guevara. Is there any chance it’s under 50 percent? In any case, more shouting over the speaker followed. Protesters are demanding Murray just leave:

A spokesman for the university intervened and asked the crowd to settle down and listen. Soave reports students were “sort of complying.” But not really:

For a moment it seemed to change:

Three minutes later:

So next to zero interest in letting Murray speak or interacting with him. This was an attempt to shout him down and interrupt him repeatedly, mostly with childish nonsense from what I can see, i.e chanting, demands, absurd accusations. The radical left’s usual gambit to silence opponents. Not surprisingly, signs outside suggest this was coordinated/inspired by the usual far-left groups, including By Any Means Necessary:

A similar scene at Middlebury College earlier this year left one professor in a neck brace. Eventually, the college disciplined 67 students for their behavior.

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