Lisa Bloom: I was warned 'The left can be vicious'

If you read Attorney Lisa Bloom’s Twitter feed over the last several days, it’s a clear attempt to defend herself against accusations (including from her own mother) that she was wrong to defend Harvey Weinstein. Monday night, Bloom offered a string of tweets saying she was tired of the “hate” and had suffered “pain” as a result of vicious left-wing critics:


Like her decision to defend Weinstein in the first place, this tweet seems tone-deaf. Is her pain really what matters here, at this moment? Also, her clients presumably weren’t facing pain for defending people engaged in decades of sexual assault, which seems like a pretty significant difference between their pain and her own.

Has Bloom been paying attention to the controversy over campus sexual assault policies? I’d be interested to see if this experience gives her any insight on that issue.

Unfortunately for bloom, last night was not the end of her travails. Today an email prankster who tricked Jared Kushner’s lawyer last month, revealed he had also fooled Lisa Bloom by pretending to be Harvey Weinstein. From CNN (video below):


The prankster, pretending to be Weinstein, wrote to the real Bloom, “Lisa, I’ve had time to think, and I do understand why you felt unable to remain on my team.”

Bloom responded, “Thank you Harvey… The new round of far more serious allegations were not made known to me so I could not have realized. But I am not revealing any of that publicly because that’s between you and me.”

The pretend Weinstein coaxed Bloom for a response, asking which allegations hit her the hardest.

“You can be candid,” the prankster wrote.

Bloom responded with two words.

“Sexual assault,” Bloom’s reply read.

This was written Sunday, before the latest accusations revealed by New Yorker magazine and the NY Times, but those two words are pretty significant. Last Friday, the day before she resigned, Bloom told the Associated Press, “Sexual harassment is a legal term that has a particular meaning. The conduct has to rise to a certain level.” She continued, “He does not admit to sexual harassment. What he does admit to is misconduct.” Apparently, the Lauren Sivan story changed her mind.

Bloom has also angrily denied a Saturday NY Times report that she wanted to release photos of Weinstein’s accusers being friendly with him:

As the board convened an emergency phone meeting on Thursday evening to address the allegations, published in an investigation by The Times, Ms. Bloom sent an email to board members attacking the article. She outlined a plan that involved “more and different reporting,” including “photos of several of the accusers in very friendly poses with Harvey after his alleged misconduct.”

In one of the emails, Mr. Maerov scolded Ms. Bloom for “fanning the flames and compounding the problem” and asked that she step away from the company…

In a separate email, Mr. Maerov, who declined to comment on Saturday, said that “publishing pictures of victims in friendly poses with Harvey will backfire as it suggests they are exculpatory or negate any harm done to them through alleged actions.”


The Huffington Post published Bloom’s email to the board early this morning. It reads in part:

This is the day the New York Times came out with a largely false and defamatory piece, in a major violation of journalistic ethics, giving only two days to respond to dozens of allegations, and then refusing to include information about eyewitnesses and documents negating many of the claims.

Tomorrow there will be more and different reporting, highlighting inaccuracies, including photos of several of the accusers in very friendly poses with Harvey after his alleged misconduct.

On Monday Harvey’s defamation lawsuit will be filed where the New York Times will be forced to answer: what was the rush?

Bloom now claims this was never her plan and that she never released such photos. Obviously, that’s exactly how one of the board members took it, but whether or not she planned to release them herself, she seemed pleased the photos were going to be published. Indeed, it was a factor in her defense strategy.

None of this makes Bloom look very good, which is why she appears so defensive now. She’s right about one thing though, the left really can be vicious. To quote a great Hollywood film, “Welcome to the party, pal.”

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David Strom 10:00 AM | May 29, 2024