Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison (Update: Rachel Maddow's 2011 defense of Weiner)

Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner was given a 21-month prison sentence Monday. He must report to prison by November 6 to begin his sentence. After he serves it, he will be on monitored probation for an additional 3 years. From the Associated Press:

As his sentence was announced Monday, the former Democratic congressman from New York dropped his head into his hand and wept, then stared straight ahead. After the hearing ended and Judge Denise Cote left the bench, he sat in his seat for several minutes, continuing to cry.

Weiner was also fined $10,000. After his sentence is served, he must undergo internet monitoring and must have no contact with his victim. He must also enroll in a sex-offender treatment program.

Bloomberg adds that Weiner told the judge this was his “rock bottom.”

A tearful Weiner told U.S. District Judge Denise Cote that “the crime I committed is my rock bottom.”

“I was a very sick man for a long period of time, but I am responsible for the damage I have done,” he said. “I have no excuse.”

Weiner was silent Monday morning as he headed to court to hear his sentence. A group of reporters repeatedly asked him how he was feeling. One even asked him if he’ll get an iPhone 8, presumably for texting. Ouch!

So will this really be rock bottom for Weiner. He has lost his career, his wife and now his freedom. He also is at least arguably responsible for costing Hillary the election. If you believe, as Hillary any many of her supporters do, that former FBI Director Comey’s announcement regarding emails shortly before the election cost her the win, then Weiner is to blame for that also. It was the investigation into his crime which led to the discovery of more Clinton emails on his laptop. As Late Show host Stephen Colbert put it at the time, “Anthony Weiner’s penis might destroy two political careers.” That’s really going to be his legacy. Not just what he did to himself but what the toll it took on those around him.

Update: A timely flashback to when Anthony Weiner first claimed his email account had been hacked. Here’s Rachel Maddow back in 2011 devoting nearly 6 minutes to explaining every possible theory of how Weiner’s account was hacked. Needless to say, everything she says here is garbage: