Day 3 of rioting in St. Louis, 80 arrested

Sunday in St. Louis was a repeat of the pattern we’ve seen over and over. A peaceful protest march that lasts through part of the day followed by a late-night turn to rioting and vandalism. You can hear the change in the tone being used by police over the span of about 2 1/2 hours last night:

Here’s the start of the vandalism Sunday night:

Last night rioters broke up large concrete planters and used the pieces to break windows:

This video by the Associated Press shows the rioters doing just that:

You might have noticed in both videos there is one guy walking around with a flag and a shield (at 1:10 in the clip above). He was eventually disarmed by police. The guy was apparently carrying a handgun and a sword:

In the midst of all the other chaos, a speeding car crashed into another driver. Police found masks, guns, and drugs in the speeding car:

St. Louis Police eventually made more than 80 arrests last night. The police chief emphasized that officers were in control:

At one point last night a St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographer heard police chanting “Whose streets, our streets.”

This video clip apparently cut from a livestream caught the incident and was being shared on Twitter by the same photographer.

In all, over 120 people have been arrested in 3 days of rioting. KSDK reports the peaceful protesters were marching in the streets again Monday morning. Will we see more rioting tonight?