Another riot in St. Louis: 9 arrested, 23 businesses vandalized

Protests over the acquittal of Jason Stockley continued for a second day Saturday. Early on protesters filled a couple of indoor malls chanting “No justice, no profits.” Those protests seemed to last about an hour:

The protests once again turned violent as the night went on. An initial protest of 450 people marched through the city Saturday night causing no problems but as it got later a second group formed. From Fox 2 News:

The group increased numbers to approximately 150+ individuals and they began to throw rocks and water bottles at officers who were not in riot gear and were assigned to a traffic post.

The aggressive and disruptive group made their way to Leland and Delmar while throwing rocks and other items at officers. The officers attempted to disengage from the group, but the group refused to let the officers leave and make it to their vehicles in a safe manner.

The crowd became more violent when several individuals began throwing bricks, water bottles filled with paint thinner, gasoline, and balloons filled with a red liquid substance. This red substance was similar to the substance used in the incident that occurred on September 15th, 2017 in the Central West End.

The crowd began to break windows of several businesses on Delmar.

In all, 23 businesses were vandalized along with 5 police vehicles. A total of nine people were arrested. Gov. Eric Greitens posted this message on Twitter:

Here are some images and video of the damage:

The damage done Saturday night gets added to a list of damage done Friday night:

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