Interview with Evergreen State College Student McKenzie Kyger

Last week I posted a video showing an Evergreen State College student named McKenzie speaking at a Board of Trustees meeting. I did not use McKenzie’s full name at the time because I was concerned about the potential backlash from other students or professors at the school. Over the weekend, that same student gave an interview using her full name, it’s McKenzie Kyger, so it’s clear she’s not too worried about being outed.

The entire interview is worth a listen if you can spare 12 minutes. If not, at least skip four minutes in and listen to her description of the meeting that took place in the Evergreen Library after protesters had a showdown with Professor Bret Weinstein outside his classroom. McKenzie describes going past a series of people who all told her the same thing: White people were not wanted.

“Immediately when I got off the elevator I was told that I couldn’t go into the room because I was white,” McKenzie recalls. She adds that she “ignored it” and kept walking. “Somebody else stopped me and said I couldn’t go in without a police escort,” she said. But she ignored that person too.

“And then I was told that I was allowed to go in but I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t express my concerns and I couldn’t make any—ask any questions because I’m white. And I had to stand in the back.”

Following that meeting, McKenzie met with a state legislator and presented him with a copy of the school’s “social contract” which she had highlighted to show all of the parts which had been violated by the protesters.

Meanwhile, she also sent emails to President George Bridges and the Board of Trustees asking to meet with them. She even emailed the admissions office telling them she had decided to transfer out of the school because of what was happening. She received one email inviting her to file a “bias incident report” but didn’t feel there was any chance the administration, which was bending over backward for the protesters, would be responsive to that.

McKenzie received some support from students and faculty after her three-minute speech before the Board of Trustees last week. “A couple students told me that because I spoke out it inspired them to speak out,” she said.

“Focusing on the color of somebody’s skin or treating them differently based on their skin color, which is what they’re asking for, that to me is racism,” she said.

Finally, this interview was conducted by a disenchanted Evergreen College graduate named Benjamin Boyce who has been writing and creating videos about the situation at Evergreen on Patreon for several weeks now. Some of those videos are pretty interesting if you are interested in delving into some of the intersectional ideology underpinning what happened at the school. Here’s the full interview with McKenzie Kyger: