Day 3 of G20 protests: Looting, burning, vandalizing and over 200 police injured

After two days of vandalism, arson and skirmishes with police in Hamburg, Germany, anti-capitalists were apparently hungry from all their hard work. Last night several hundred people looted a small market and other stores, stealing everything they could after breaking inside. These are communists after all. What belongs to you, belongs to them:

The communists made a bonfire in the middle of the street and vandalized banks. Around midnight, German special forces were sent in to restore order:

By morning, the Antifa goons had retreated and police came through to clear blockades. Just look at the damage done here. This clip is nearly 3 minutes long but it really gives a sense of the destruction of this neighborhood:

Later Friday the showdown between the anti-capitalists and the police continued in the streets:

Today is the last day of the G20 meeting, but with tens of thousands of communists in town today, it’s possible tonight will be another night of vandalism, arson, and looting before the mob finally returns to wherever they came from. From CNBC:

The head of Hamburg police said he was shocked by the “wave of destructive anger”, riots and arson committed by demonstrators since Thursday…

In the last three days, more than 200 police officers have been injured. Some 143 people have been arrested and 122 taken into custody. The number of injured protestors was not available. On Friday night, special armed police had been deployed with sub-machine guns…

Hamburg residents inspected the destruction on Saturday and said they were angry the summit was taking place there.

“Merkel underestimated the protests. The least she can do now is come visit (the district of) Sternschanze and see the damage for herself,” said Kai Mertens, a 50-year-old programmer.

Merkel condemned the violent protests yesterday. She is up for re-election in September and the G20 was supposed to show off her credibility as a world leader. She probably doesn’t want to draw attention to the riots and looting that took place.