G20 protesters get more violent, burning cars and injuring over 160 police officers

I wrote about this yesterday but the situation has escalated today as anti-capitalist protesters tried to disrupt the G20 meetings taking place in Hamburg, Germany. From CBS News:

Anti-globalization activists clashed violently with police across the German port city of Hamburg all day Friday, setting cars ablaze and trying to enter the convention center where Group of 20 leaders tackled topics like international terrorism, climate change and trade issues.

Responding to a second day of protests, police ordered in more than 900 additional officers from across the country to get the clashes under control. Over 160 police officers were injured, dozens of activists had to be taken to the hospital and more than 70 protesters were detained.

The First Lady was prevented from attending a group event because of the protests. From CNN:

Melania Trump’s spokeswoman told reporters the first lady was unable to take part in scheduled events with other G20 spouses due to the protests. “Hamburg police couldn’t provide clearance for us to leave,” Stephanie Grisham said.

The spouses were due to take a river cruise and tour a climate change center, according to media reports.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the violence saying, “I have every understanding for peaceful demonstrations, but violent demonstrations endanger human lives, they endanger people themselves, they put police officers and security forces in danger, put residents in danger, and so that is unacceptable.”

The fire-setting started last night during skirmishes with police:

Friday morning, things escalated. This clip shows a large mob of black bloc goons marching down the street, breaking windows and setting cars on fire:

This video from RT UK shows a firemen trying to put out a string of flaming cars:

Here’s another clip showing some of the damage in the same area:


The mob wasn’t just interested in property damage. Heavy published a video of one of their “video contributors” being attacked by a group of men who repeatedly call him a “Nazi pig.” In the clip, you can see people advising him to run and he is asked if he is a Nazi or “pro-Trump” which is apparently the same thing:

I wonder if the reporter who was attacked is grateful these were anti-Nazis or if the boots feel pretty much the same either way?

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Jazz Shaw 8:01 PM on December 06, 2022