Polish first lady doesn't see Trump's hand and the media is off to the races again

Remember Trump’s first trip abroad as President when the media made a major story out of the first lady batting the president’s hand away on a tarmac in Israel? Well, Trump is now on a trip to Europe and some people in the media are very excited over this incident in Poland:

Did you catch it? Poland’s first lady walked past Trump, who extended his hand, and she didn’t shake it. Commence the freak-out and claims this was and intentional diss of the president!

It’s really just one garbage site after another spreading the same fake news:


HuffPost is, of course, on it:


And of course, some at CNN are joining in this nonsense:

The bit highlighted by David Lewis above (currently almost 10,000 retweets) cuts off after the first ladies shake hands. What it doesn’t show is that immediately after shaking Melania’s hand, the Polish first lady turned back to Trump and shook his hand as well. Trump smiled and said something to her and then waved to the crowd. As NBC’s Bradd Jaffy points out, it’s obvious what happened here:

There was no diss. No one was owned. The Polish first lady didn’t see Trump’s hand. That’s it. But there are a lot of garbage news sites out there desperate for any chance to claim Trump has been humiliated. I’m old enough to remember when wishing for the president to fail was considered bad form.