Anti-capitalists protest G20 Summit, 15 police officers injured

Anti-capitalists are creating their usual mayhem and violence at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. This year the protest’s organizers dubbed the event “Welcome to hell.” From the BBC:

The violence began when police charged masked demonstrators at a “Welcome to hell” march attended by 12,000 people.

At least 15 police were hurt and three were being treated in hospital, police said. There were no figures for the number of demonstrators injured…

Police fired water cannon and pepper spray at masked protesters, who hurled bottles, stones and flares…

Protesters built makeshift barricades, set vehicles alight, damaged businesses and repeatedly shone a laser at a police helicopter to dazzle its pilot, police said.

Reuters published a breakdown of the number of protesters expected and those who showed up Thursday:

Police expected around 100,000 protesters in the port city, some 8,000 of whom are deemed by security forces to be ready to commit violence. At least 13,000 protesters joined the main march on Thursday, including around 1,000 black-clad anarchists, police said. Up to 20,000 police officers from across Germany are on hand.

There are lots of video clips out there but this one from Sky News gives a sense of it:

Here’s an alternative clip from AFP:

And one more from Ruptly showing a burned out car:

If you’re wondering what these people are actually thinking, this BBC report offers an interview with a couple of the protesters. It seems their basic objection is that the G20 isn’t democratic enough and also they don’t like Trump or Putin:

There was actually one protest taking place at the G20 which was intended to be a peaceful alternative to the black bloc goons. This group dressed themselves up as zombies and put on a performance in the street. The point was about political apathy:

Yeah, it’s weird, but a lot more interesting (and less dangerous) than a crowd of Antifa goons throwing bottles at the police.

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