Evergreen students: Stop the 'McCarthy-esque witch-hunting'

A small group of students at Evergreen College are standing up to the progressive bullies who have dominated campus. The Olympian reports 17 students have signed a letter rejecting the “McCarthy-esque witch-hunting” that has taken place since Professor Bret Weinstein criticized a planned Day of Absence at the school:

“We reject the McCarthy-esque witch-hunting which has taken place,” the letter stated. “Simply crying racist has become sufficient to destroy credibility and empower accusers. This has been accompanied by vigilante action against those dubiously accused of racism, and this behavior has not been reined in by the administration.”…

The students’ letter said they are appalled by several recent events, including:

▪ The actions of a small group of students that “have gone beyond protesting to criminal action,” that has included verbally and physically harassing and even physically assaulting other members of the student body.

▪ The extent to which the college’s administration has, through inaction, “allowed student protestors to control campus, which has led to the campus being unsafe” for everyone.

With regard to the claim that campus has become “unsafe,” groups of students have been seen roaming the campus with sticks and bats. The College Fix reported yesterday that Sharon Goodman, director of Evergreen’s Residential and Dining Service, sent a note telling this “community patrol” to lay down its weapons:

We are aware of a small group of students coordinating a community patrol of housing and campus. We acknowledge and understand the fear and concerns that are motivating these actions. We also understand that these students are seeking to provide an alternative source of safety from external entities as well as those community members who they distrust.

Community patrols can be a useful tool for helping people to feel safe, however the use of bats or similar instruments is not productive. Some members of this group have been observed carrying batons and/or bats. Carrying bats is causing many to feel unsafe and intimidated. The bats must be put away immediately in order to protect all involved. Non-students participating in this activity are advised to leave campus.

And someone has been smashing the windows of campus science labs. In fact, this behavior was one reason the campus was closed again Monday:


In addition, Evergreen announced Tuesday that graduation ceremonies would be moved to a stadium in Tacoma. From the Olympian:

The Evergreen State College will move its commencement ceremony to Tacoma’s Cheney Stadium because of safety issues, college officials confirmed Tuesday.

Evergreen traditionally has an outdoor commencement ceremony in its Red Square on campus. Cheney Stadium is about 35 miles from the Olympia campus.

This certainly has the appearance of a campus in chaos. A college shouldn’t need to tell students to stop forming bat-wielding mobs. Is the vandalism, previously estimated to have done $10,000 in damage, being investigated? Will anyone be held accountable? It seems college president Bridges is looking to close out the year without speaking a critical word against the students (and faculty) responsible for this illiberal behavior. It’s good to see at least a few students at Evergreen recognize it for what it is.