Attorney in $550 million Social Security fraud case disappears

In March a Social Security disability lawyer named Eric Conn pleaded guilty to a $550 million fraud scheme involving multiple doctors and an Administrative Law Judge. Conn was facing up to 12 years in jail and was going to pay back more than $50 million to the government. Now, the Associated Press reports he has disappeared:

Saturday, the FBI said Conn removed his electronic monitoring device, violating the conditions of his bond and prompting the U.S. District Court to issue a warrant for his arrest. David Habich, general counsel for the FBI’s Louisville office, said Conn’s “whereabouts are currently unknown.”…

“It was totally predictable that he would flee,” said attorney Ned Pillersdorf, who represents Conn’s former clients and said Conn’s frequent world traveling was brought up in court to assess whether he was a flight risk. “I was always shocked that, when he was arrested, he was actually allowed out on bond. And there has been a betting pool going on in Prestonsburg on not if he would flee, but when.”

The FBI announced it had issued a warrant for his arrest:

The Department of Justice described Conn’s fraud scheme in a press release:

Conn participated in a scheme with former SSA administrative law judge David B. Daugherty and multiple doctors that involved the submission of thousands of falsified medical documents to the SSA. As a result of the scheme, Conn and his co-conspirators obligated the SSA to pay more than $550 million in lifetime benefits to claimants for these fraudulent submissions…

According to documents filed in connection with the guilty plea, Conn admitted that from December 2004 through April 2011, he paid Daugherty approximately $10,000 a month to award disability benefits to claimants for whom Conn submitted falsified medical documents.

In 2009, Conn appeared in a video with “Obama Girl” (remember Obama girl?) in which she praised the attorney as a “superhero without a cape” who would fight to help Obama and “fight for social justice.” This really has to be seen to be appreciated:

Conn also did another video in which he drives a Rolls-Royce up to a giant replica of the Lincoln Memorial which he erected outside his office:

So this superhero without a cape is probably going to live out the rest of his life on an island somewhere with lots of ill-gotten taxpayer money.

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