Rep. Al Green calls for Trump's impeachment (again)

Wednesday, Democratic Rep. Al Green called for the impeachment of President Trump on the House floor on the grounds of “obstruction of justice.” Rep. Green had already called for Trump’s impeachment at a press conference and on television earlier in the week.

“I rise today with a heavy heart,” Green said. Raising his voice, he continued, “I rise today, Mr. Speaker, to call for the impeachment of the President of the United States of America for obstruction of justice.” Green then added, “I do not do this for political purposes, Mr. Speaker.”

Rep. Green didn’t spend much time making a detailed case for impeachment today. His goal was clearly to rally public support. He said it was time for Americans to be heard and cited polls which he said showed support for impeachment. Toward the end of his speech, Green directed people to sign an online petition but accidentally gave out the wrong address. “You can weigh in at,” Green said. The actual site is a .org address.

Green appears to be capitalizing on the report yesterday that former FBI Director Comey wrote a memo documenting President Trump’s request that the FBI not go after Michael Flynn. But even before that story broke, Green believed Trump had already crossed the line of high crimes and misdemeanors. Monday, Green held a press conference in Houston to call for Trump’s impeachment for firing Comey and for his subsequently tweeting a warning to Comey not to leak word of their conversations.

Rep. Green also appeared on MSNBC Monday to make his case. He emphasized that impeachment would not automatically mean a conviction, almost as if it were just another means of holding an investigation in congress. Here’s Rep. Green’s full statement on the House floor today:

As I’ve noted previously, Rep. Maxine Waters has repeatedly raised the issue of Trump’s impeachment, starting before he even took office. Other Democrats are taking a slower approach. Rep. Adam Schiff said Wednesday, “No one should rush to embrace the most extraordinary remedy for removing a president.”

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