Tennessee woman charged with reckless endangerment after following GOP congressman's car

Earlier today I wrote about some of the increasingly unhinged behavior of progressives attending Republican town hall events. I mentioned a man who put his hands on Rep. Kevin Cramer and the explicit death threats received by Rep. Tom Garrett of Virginia. But I missed this story from yesterday about a woman who followed Rep. David Kustoff in her car after he held a town hall event on the University of Tennessee campus. From WBBJ 7:

Wendi Wright, 35, is charged with felony reckless endangerment after she is accused of repeatedly following the Germantown Republican’s vehicle.

“She followed them and placed her vehicle in a manner next to them where they felt as if they were forced off the road,” Plunk said.

With Kustoff, his aide and driver inside, Wright reportedly followed them several miles outside of Martin. When they stopped she reportedly jumped out of her truck and beat on the windows.

Wright was allegedly screaming and cursing at this point. The driver lowered his window and she reached into the car. When the driver tried to pull away, Wright allegedly placed herself in front of the car to block the exit. Someone inside the car called 911 but Wright fled the scene before police arrived. She was later arrested and charged with felony reckless endangerment.

Wright is reportedly not cooperating with police and refuses to say why she followed the congressman. But Sgt. Marty Plunk, a Weakley County Sheriff”s Dept. Investigator, tells Buzzfeed, “I’ve been led to believe she was upset over a vote he had cast involving health care.”

It sounds as if ‘The Resistance’ prompted this act of road rage. These unhinged incidents seem to be escalating. How long before someone gets injured?