Gov. Scott Walker confronted by Democrat over Obamacare repeal

Friday, Governor Scott Walker visited Appleton, Wisconsin at the request of the city’s mayor to help promote tourism. While there, he was confronted by a former Democratic member of the Wisconsin State Assembly (and current county executive) Tom Nelson. Nelson attempted to hijack the governor’s appearance and create a scene over the GOP’s Obamacare repeal bill. Rather then pretend Nelson’s questions were in good faith, Gov. Walker replied, “If you want to have a press conference, go ahead.”

When Nelson kept pressing the point, Walker suggested he’d had his chance to run for congress and that if he wanted to run for Governor he should do that rather than interrupting the event. Here’s the exchange:

All of this started yesterday when Gov. Walker said he would consider applying for a waiver under the GOP Obamacare replacement plan. Within hours Walker was clarifying that statement. “I’m waiting to see what gets to the president’s desk, but we’re not looking to change pre-existing conditions,” he told the Journal-Sentinel. Gov. Walker also addressed the issue on Twitter:

If nothing else, consider the clip above an example of just how eager Democrats are to capitalize on the politics of the GOP bill.