Video: Venezuelan armored vehicle plows into crowd of protesters

If a large truck drives into a crowd of people in most places in the world, you might suspect another terror attack had taken place. In socialist Venezuela, it’s the government that’s responsible.

Footage published Wednesday shows an armored vehicle belonging to the Venezuelan National Guard driving into a crowd of protesters and knocking them aside.

It’s not clear if anyone is actually run over by the vehicle, though a motorcycle does get stuck between the wheels. Between this and his plan to rewrite the constitution (to avoid elections) President Maduro’s regime is dropping the last pretense of civilized democracy.

This week Financial Times published an excellent video report titled “Thug Nation: Venezuela’s broken revolution.” While some of this material has been presented before, this clip features interviews with people who supported the socialist revolution but who now realize it was a mistake.

“Deep inside we are revolutionaries because we believed that society needed a change to ease so much misery and poverty,” a shopkeeper named Carlos Gonzalez says. He continues, “We believed in [Chavez’s] ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ and we supported it. But now we see that revolution is not what was proposed to us back then.”

And don’t miss the colectivo thugs sporting Che Guevera jackets who spout party disinformation as if it were gospel truth. This is worth 16 minutes of your time.