VIdeo: Fist fight breaks out on plane headed for Los Angeles

Ever since a man was dragged off a United airlines flight last month, we’ve had several incidents like this. Maybe this sort of thing happens all the time and we’re only now hearing about it? In any case, two passengers on a flight about to leave Tokyo, Japan for Los Angeles got in a fist fight. One of the men was taken off the flight and, after assaulting an airline employee, arrested.

The brawl was captured by a videographer named Corey Hour who happened to be seated a few rows back. According to Hour, this all began when the passenger in the red shirt turned around to the man in the seat behind him and said, “Where are you from?” and then added, “I’m going to kill you.” The man in red reaches over the seats for the man behind him and then both of them are grabbing and throwing punches.

There’s a break in the action and the man in the black shirt says, “Someone help, this guy is crazy.” The man in red then threatens to kill him before reaching over the seats again. A stewardess, who looks tiny compared to both of the men, intervenes and breaks up the fight. The man in red is ushered into the front cabin comes back and says something. Corey Hour can be heard asking “Did he just say I’m America?” (It’s hard to make out but the man in red might be saying, “You’re done!” as a taunt.)

It seems as if the man in red is being ushered off the plane but a moment later he returns and starts after the man in the black shirt again. The man in red gets punched in the face but keeps coming. At this point, the footage ends as Hour gets up to intervene in the melee. He tweeted what happened next:

Here’s the clip:

The Washington Post reports that after the man in the red shirt was taken off the plane he assaulted a male employee of the airlines and was arrested for assault. His name was not released but he was identified as a 44-year-old American.

Finally, the other man involved in the flight thanked the videographer on Twitter:

As for why this happened, no one seems to know for certain but Inside Edition claims the man in the red shirt was drunk.

Allahpundit Aug 09, 2022 5:01 PM ET