Director Joss Whedon steps away from Twitter after mocking teen cancer survivors

Joss Whedon has stepped away from Twitter after an offensive tweet he sent Thursday attacked the appearance of teen cancer survivors. The tweet has since been deleted but here it is:

Whedon has a particular hatred for Paul Ryan. In January he tweeted about how funny it would be to see Ryan killed by a rhino. The problem with the tweet above is that it’s not really focused on Paul Ryan. Whedon is making the young women in the photo contestants in an imaginary reality TV show and he seems to be mocking their appearance as well, i.e. “Not a 10.” That’s particularly despicable because the young women in this photo are teen cancer survivors. Here’s Speaker Ryan’s tweet explaining the photo:

And here’s the group that organized the meeting:

Whedon was criticized by hundreds of people in the hours after posting his tweet, including some progressives who told him he ought to reconsider.

Sometime shortly after Buzzfeed published a story on the tweet, Whedon finally deleted it and put up this explanation:

Whedon hasn’t tweeted anything else in the past two days. Does this pattern of behavior sound familiar? A guy who gets really angry, lashes out in a rage, and then tries to isolate himself. Joss Whedon acting as if he’s Bruce Banner/the Hulk from one of his own films. Only this isn’t a comic book movie. Whedon is an adult who ought to know how to control himself in public. Maybe his self-imposed break from Twitter should last until he can model himself after a more constructive Marvel character.

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