Man claims he 'snuck by' Secret Service at Mar-a-lago

A man named Joseph Young posted a picture of himself apparently standing inside President Trump’s private study at his Mar-a-lago resort in Florida. The caption with the photo reads, “Snuck by secret service to catch this selfie. They might have told us not to go in there.” The posting has since been deleted but screengrabs of it were circulating on Twitter.


The Secret Service spoke to the NY Post, saying the entire story was bogus:

“Those reports are all false,” Secret Service spokeswoman Catherine Milhoan told The Post on Sunday. “No one got past the Secret Service.”

A Secret Service source added to the Web site TMZ that guests were allowed in the study.

Another guest even posted a photo of himself and his mom in front of the Trump portrait, too.

Here’s the TMZ story. There is a picture of another man and his mother standing in front of what looks like the same painting of Trump.

So unless this guy and his mom also snuck into the study, it looks like this claim was bogus. That would also explain why Young deleted his post once it started getting attention. Meanwhile, someone apparently drove up to the White House late Saturday claiming he had a bomb in his trunk. From the NY Times:


In Saturday’s episode, the intruder stopped his car at the White House checkpoint just after 11 p.m. and got out, declaring, “There’s a bomb in the trunk,” as he appeared to clasp something in this hand, according to a report issued by the Metropolitan Police Department.

“This is a test,” the man said as a Secret Service officer detained him and took him to the ground, according to the report.

I certainly don’t envy the Secret Service their job. You take hits as a result of people mouthing off and you also take the risk of encountering some people who are truly out of their minds.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 07, 2023