Trump mocks Sen. Schumer for sharing donuts with Putin, Schumer reveals 'they were Krispy Kreme' (Update)

Today Trump’s Twitter account sent out an old photo of Sen. Chuck Schumer having a donut with Vladmir Putin and suggested it was time for an “immediate investigation.”

On one hand, it didn’t take very long for the more mature tone of Trump’s joint-session speech to give way to this kind of mockery. On the other hand, the media feeding frenzy over meetings between people associated with the Trump camp and the Russian ambassador, which is being spun up by Schumer, Pelosi and many others into demands for a special prosecutor, does seem worthy of some mockery at this point. Senator Schumer responded with a more serious challenge:

As a sign of his willingness to reveal all, Schumer added this important detail:

If it seems like even Chuck Schumer is having a hard time taking this seriously, there’s a good reason for that. As I pointed out yesterday, even the NY Times describes one of the meetings it reported between the Trump camp and the Russian Ambassador as “common and not improper.” And that’s par for the course with this scandal so far. It has more in common with Trump’s dumb accusations about Ted Cruz’s father (in league with Lee Harvey Oswald!) than it does with Watergate so far. Of course, that could change if the FBI uncovers evidence that someone on Trump’s team acted out of bounds. Until then it’s all insinuation by partisan Democrats hoping to launch a fishing expedition.

Update: Trump calls for a new investigation after a photo contradicts Nancy Pelosi’s claim she never met with the Russian ambassador:

Update 2: Pelosi fires back at Trump.

Obviously, AG Sessions denies he lied under oath and, based on the rambling question he was asked by Sen. Franken it would be a very tough case to prove.

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