Rubio loses Florida office space after disruptive protests

If their goal was to be a nuisance, progressive protesters in Florida have succeeded. The Tampa Bay Times reports Senator Marco Rubio was told his lease on office space in Tampa will not be renewed because of noise and disruption created by weekly protests:

The owner of Bridgeport Center, a gleaming, nine-story office center at 5201 Kennedy Blvd., notified Rubio’s office on Feb. 1 that it will not renew its lease. The reason: The rallies have become too disruptive to the other tenants and a costly expense for the company, said Jude Williams, president of America’s Capital Partners.

“A professional office building is not a place for that,” Williams said. “I understand their cause, but at the end of the day it was a security concern for us…

The staff needs to leave Suite 530 by Friday and does not have a new location lined up. Negotiations with another building recently fell through.

A Rubio spokesman told the Tampa Bay Times, “We are actively looking for new office space, and our goal is to remain accessible and continue providing prompt and efficient service to all Floridians.” Rubio has refused to hold a town hall event but protesters have shown up at the Tampa office anyway, often blocking the entrance and making a lot of noise. That generated complaints from other tenants in the building.

The Tampa office was a satellite location with two employees, not Rubio’s main office space in the state. What the protesters have done is create a problem for a couple of junior staffers, plus the other tenants in the building and any Floridians who would have found it convenient to visit this office. What the protesters haven’t done is change anything of consequence. In fact, this will probably be more disruptive for the protesters, dozens of whom now need a new site to hold their weekly gathering, than it is for Marco Rubio.

Here’s what Rubio missed when progressives held a town hall without him last week:

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