Democratic base eager for Trump's impeachment or some means to 'restore the Republic'

It has been just over 100 days since Donald Trump was elected president but the left wing of the Democratic party doesn’t seem any closer to making peace with the fact that he is their president.

Buzzfeed noted Wednesday that a New York Times report on contact between the Trump campaign and Russia had progressives daydreaming about a #TrumpImpeachmentParty. And a story published at Huffington Post yesterday titled “Four Ways to Impeach Trump” has been shared nearly 5,000 times. There was enough impeachment talk circulating that Snopes wrote a fact check pointing out that, no, Trump’s impeachment has not already begun.

Officially, Democrats in leadership are avoiding the I-word. That didn’t stop Maxine Waters from making the rounds last week to recommend it, even after Nancy Pelosi suggested it wasn’t appropriate.

But impeachment doesn’t represent the real extreme of the left-wing desire to get rid of President Trump. Wednesday, the American Prospect published a piece suggesting Trump’s election was actually a “coup d’état” and noting some countries would have held a “couter coup” by now:

So we now have something entirely unprecedented in American history—a coup d’état, perpetrated not just by a foreign power, but by America’s principal geopolitical adversary and threat, with the collusion of the new president.

That means that the election was illegitimate, and that the entire Trump presidency is illegitimate. And so, therefore, are every one of its actions: The appointment of a far-right cabinet. Policies to overturn regulations that protect ordinary Americans, from health, to labor, to the environment, to financial safeguards. All of Trump’s court appointees will be illegitimate, too…

What is to be done? If this were most countries, the sovereign would declare the election invalid and call a new one. Or the Army would march in, stage a counter-coup, and restore the Republic. Or the president would be forced into exile.

The only thing the author doesn’t mention directly is assassination, though perhaps that is implied in the “counter-coup.” Still, this is pretty extreme language. The author does conclude that none of those outcomes are a possibility in the U.S. because “only Congress can remove the president.” Still, he seems to be wishing a more expedient means were available.

Jazz Shaw Aug 17, 2022 11:01 AM ET