KSM's letter to Obama: 9/11 a response to American support for Israel

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, wrote a letter to President Obama in early 2015 which was delivered to the White House shortly before Obama left office. The 18-page letter, which was published today by the Miami Herald, claims the 9/11 attack was, in large part, a response to U.S. support for Israel. From the Miami Herald:

The Kuwait-born Pakistani citizen of Baluch ethnic background, lists a long litany of U.S. overseas interventions — from Iraq and Iran to Vietnam and Hiroshima — to justify the worst terror attack on U.S. soil.

But he is particularly focused on the cause of the Palestinians, highlights civilian suffering and accuses Obama of being beholden to special interests, notably Israel and “the occupier Jews.” Israel gets 39 mentions while Osama bin Laden gets a dozen, including once to excoriate Obama for the mission that hunted down and killed the founder of the al-Qaida movement for the 9/11 attacks…

“He’s upset at U.S. foreign policy and he plainly perceives that the United States has signed a blank check to Israel,” [Marine Maj. Derek] Poteet said.

Nearly a third of KSM’s letter is a section titled, “Why did 9/11 Happen? And Why May it Happen Again?” It opens, “The war crimes perpetrated in Palestine since 1948, and those taking place in Gaza today, are the clearest indication of why 9/11 happened, and why it may happen again in the future.” Here’s a bit more to give a sense of his focus on Israel:

You have been killing Muslims in Palestine for 60 years: expelling more than 4 million Palestinians; destroying their homes, schools, mosques, and markets by supporting Israel militarily, economically, and politically; and by protecting all of their crimes through the U.N. Security Council. In return for those 60 years, Allah aided us in conducting 9/11, destroying the Capitalist economy, catching you with your pants down, and exposing all the hypocrisy of your long-held claim to democracy and freedom.

It was of the utmost necessity to find the best way to stop your brutal foreign policy in our land. We did not start the war against you through the events of 9/11.

The two blessed attacks in Washington and New York adhered to all universal laws and were a natural reaction to your destructive policies towards the Islamic world; your unlimited support to Israel, the Jewish Zionist State; and your continued support and protection for dictatorial rulers in the Islamic world aimed at protecting your own interests.

KSM concludes his letter with a call for ongoing war against the United States, including another reference to aid to Israel:

Now is the time to throw your Capitalism and Democracy in history’s trash bin and admit that you are the expert in deceiving nations and violating human rights…

The Islamic Jihad is the best remedy for the western brutal neo-colonialism and imperialism. We will never answer to your military, economy and political aids to Israel by false peace.

There’s no repentance in the letter, only justification for 9/11 and a hope for more to come. A trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed could begin next March.