Law Enforcement: Project Veritas infiltration may have stopped plans to shut down DC Metro

One person has been arrested in response to the Project Veritas undercover video in which activists discussed plans to release a stink bomb at an inaugural ball. In addition, law enforcement tells the Washington Post the infiltration of the DisruptJ20 planning sessions may have led to the group abandoning plans to shut down trains on the DC Metro:

A D.C. police spokesman has confirmed that a secret video recording made Dec. 18 by one of O’Keefe’s operatives led to the arrest of one man and foiled an alleged plot to spread acid at the DeploraBall for Trump supporters at the National Press Club. It was not clear whether the alleged plotters ever obtained the acid.

Law enforcement authorities said they think that the successful penetration of DisruptJ20, an umbrella organization for a number of groups that police said sought to wreak havoc at the inauguration, forced it to abandon plans to try to shut down Metro trains and block entrances into the District, according to two law enforcement officials with knowledge of the investigation…

D.C. police said they arrested Scott R. Charney, 34, of Northwest Washington on Jan. 19, the day before the inauguration and hours before the DeploraBall in downtown Washington.

Police are still looking for two more men seen in the video discussing plans to target the ball. James O’Keefe, who runs Project Veritas, tells the Post, “This is the first time that a video we shot has led to an arrest. It legitimizes what we’re doing. It’s a new era for us.”

After the release of the Project Veritas video last Monday, Disrupt J20 released a statement claiming they had been aware of the infiltration all along:

One of these infiltrators was someone calling himself “Tyler.” Due to suspicions, the organizers initiated their vetting process with a false flag operation. Our allies at the DC Antifascist Coalition met with Tyler. Because they thought it would be a humorous venue, they arranged to meet with Tyler at Comet Ping Pong, which has recently been targeted by right-wing fake news outlets. Though the coalition members did not know who he was working for, they knew Tyler was not who he said he was. So, they met in advance of their meeting with Tyler, and planned to gave him false information about the what they felt was the most humorous red herring available: a false plot to use stink bombs at an event called the Deploraball with the so-called “Alt Right.”

Perhaps Charney’s attorney will be able to provide some evidence to support this in court. For the moment it appears the D.C. police took the plot as more than a humorous gag. Here’s the video Project Veritas released last week: