Protesters burn a limousine in front of Washington Post offices

Earlier today I posted a story about the Disrupt J20 protesters who were running through the streets of DC breaking windows and generally creating chaos. One of the images I included was this one of a limousine with broken out windows:


Apparently that wasn’t enough for the anarchist goons.

Video of the limo burning:

Here’s video of police moving in:

The anarchists were obviously proud of themselves:

Eventually the fire department came to put it out:

There was a rumor circulating that the limo was the one being used by Jesse Jackson. That came from a copy editor at the Washington Post who later deleted her tweet and clarified that was just the rumor going around the office. After some further checking it turns out that was not Jackson’s limo:


The limo wasn’t the only thing being set on fire in the area. Protesters also piled up trash cans:

Kudos to this brave Trump supporter who waded into the protesters and put out the fire:

The only thing being disrupted by the burning of that limo is the livelihood of whoever owns it car. Hopefully he has good insurance.

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