DisruptJ20 blocking checkpoints and breaking windows in Washington D.C.

The DisruptJ20 people are doing their best to make a mess of Washington D.C., exactly as they said they would. So far there have been blocked checkpoints and broken windows. Police even used teargas on a group of anarchists. Here’s a round-up of what is going on this morning.

First, protesters are shutting down various checkpoints by chaining/locking themselves together across the entrances. The following tweets and video come from DC Examiner reporter Ryan Lovelace:

There have been some scuffles between protesters and frustrated Trump supporters [some NSFW language here]:

Some people have politely agreed to find another entrance:

And this same pattern is being repeated at various checkpoints:




Protesters chanting “This is what a police state looks like!” probably not winning any points with the cops (who have a tough job to do today):


Elsewhere, a group of black-clad anarchists started running through the streets and smashing windows.



Images of some of the damage:


Police are responding with tear gas:


A new NSFW chant:

The protesters wanted to create chaos and shut down the inauguration. They haven’t succeeded in that but they have made a mess of Washington D.C.