Don Lemon: So, are you having trouble finding celebrities for your inauguration?

Boris Epshteyn is the Director of Communications for the Presidential Inaugural Committee. Tuesday he appeared on CNN and was asked by host Don Lemon if he was having a hard time finding celebrities to perform at the inauguration.

“I’ve got to ask you this as someone who is, you know, was the head of celebrity apprentice—Donald Trump loves celebrity. Does he…Are you guys having trouble finding finding celebrities to participate in the inauguration as has been reported?” Lemon asked.

“Not at all, Don,” Epshteyn replied. “You know, this is not Woodstock. It’s not Summer Jam. It’s not a concert. It’s not about the celebrities. As Donald Trump, the President-elect tweeted himself, it’s about the people,” he continued. “The Rockettes represent the American people. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir represents the American people. The other folks who will be coming to this inauguration will be performing at this inauguration represent the American people.”

“You have a list beyond the three that…or couple that you just listed?” Lemon asked.

“We’ll absolutely be rolling more out. No question about it,” Epshteyn replied. “I actually broke the news about the Rockettes on CNN’s air last week and we are excited about the other ones we’ll be rolling out,” he added. “But let me say it one more time. It’s not about the celebrities. It’s not about any one entertainer. It’s all about the people,” Epshteyn said.

You can’t blame Don Lemon for asking about this given the pushback over allegedly forcing the Rockettes to perform and the backlash against having the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform. Celebrities seem to be making more news for speaking out against Trump than for performing. So there really is some news here worth discussing.

The problem is that Lemon seems so eager to pile on the Trump camp that he doesn’t raise any questions about what this means. For instance, what happened to accepting the results of the election? What does it mean that the overwhelming majority of celebrities, like the majority of news anchors, are all from one political party? There’s more to examine here but all we get from Don Lemon is a not-very-subtle attempt to kick the President-elect in the shins.