Berlin truck attack suspect killed in shootout

Anis Amri, the 24-year-old who drove a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany killing 12 people, has been killed in a shootout with Italian police. From the Washington Post:

The 24-year-old Tunisian, Anis Amri, was killed following a dramatic encounter in the Piazza I Maggio in the Sesto San Giovanni area outside Milan, after a two-man patrol stopped him for questioning around 3:15 a.m. on suspicion of burglary.

One of the officers requested his identification. Amri responded by pretending to fish in his backpack for documents. Instead, he pulled a gun, shooting one officer in the shoulder.

Amri, who spoke Italian, then ducked behind a car, shouting “poliziotti bastardi” — police bastards. The second patrolmen — trainee Luca Scatà — fired back, killing Amri, according to Italian officials.

Amri was identified using fingerprints provided by Germany. After the attack, Amri traveled through France to Italy where he had once lived and spent time in prison. The ease with which he moved about has already raised questions about Europe’s open border policy. From the Associated Press:

Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni praised the two young police officers for their courage in taking down Amri during a routine check of ID papers while he was alone outside the deserted station. But he also called for greater cross-border police cooperation, suggesting some dismay that Europe’s open border policy had enabled Amri to easily move around despite being Europe’s No. 1 fugitive.

British MP Danien Hannan tweeted this map showing the path Amri traveled:

After Amri was killed ISIS released a video which shows Amri swearing allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on a bridge. Here’s a sample:

Reporter Jenan Moussa translated a portion of Amri’s comments in the clip:

How did German authorities allow this guy to drop off the radar in September?