Harry Reid bashes "worthless" DNC, refers to former chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as 'that congresswoman'

Outgoing Senator Harry Reid says the Democratic National Committee was “worthless” under former chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

“I believe one of the failures of Democratic Party has been the Democratic National Committee, the DNC, has been worthless,” Reid told Nevada Public Radio Wednesday. He added, “They do nothing to help state parties. That should be the main goal they have. I developed everything in Nevada on my own. Their help was relatively meaningless.”

Reid then turned his attention the race for chair of the DNC saying, “So, I would hope that they would choose a chair of the Democratic Party who is a full-time person. Not someone like we had with that congresswoman from Florida, who was a full-time congresswoman and a part time chair of the DNC.” Ouch!

Also during the interview a caller named Ryan asked Sen. Reid if he saw a connection between his “brazen lie” about Mitt Romney’s taxes and “fake news.” Reid claimed his statement was “the truth”:

First of all Ryan, there were no brazen lies what I said was the truth. Mitt Romney has refused and still refuses to show us his tax returns. He gave us the main part of two tax returns. This is when he is running for president. That is not a true sign of what he had done.

The guess the new plan we have to look at is Donald Trump, who shows us nothing. Prior to Trump it was standard procedure going back many, many decades that presidential candidates would give us 10 years of tax returns. Mitt Romney has never done that.

So, there was no brazen lies. I did what was necessary. He fought even giving those two years that were meaningless because he was already running for president and all of his financial dealings where he became an extremely wealthy man. We were unable to see any of that. You can brand it anyway you like but it was no brazen lies, it was the truth.

Reid has a reputation for being tough but he’s apparently not very bright. He is already on record (video here) smirking about his blatant lie about Romney’s taxes. Also, his claim that it was “standard procedure” to release “10 years” of returns is false. Obama only released 7 years. McCain released 2 years while John Kerry released 20. Finally, in addition to the two years of returns, Romney also released a letter from his accountant showing he had paid taxes every year in the past 20 years with an average rate just above 20 percent.

You’d think Reid might want to end his time in the Senate with a modicum of decency and grace, but no. He’s going to keep lying right through the end of his term.