Poll: Liberals three times as likely to unfriend people over political posts

A poll by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) found Democrats were far more likely to unfriend, unfollow or block someone over postings on social media than were Republicans. The pattern was even more pronounced when comparing liberals to conservatives. From PRRI’s summary:

Nearly one-quarter (24%) of Democrats say they blocked, unfriended, or stopped following someone on social media after the election because of their political posts on social media. Fewer than one in ten Republicans (9%) and independents (9%) report eliminating people from their social media circle.

Political liberals are also far more likely than conservatives to say they removed someone from their social media circle due to what they shared online (28% vs. 8%, respectively). Eleven percent of moderates say they blocked, unfollowed, or unfriended someone due to what they posted online.

In addition to the gap among party lines and political outlook, PRRI also found a big gender gap. The group most likely to unfriend or block someone over a political post online was Democratic women (30%) while the group least likely to do so was Republican men (8%). But party seemed to play a larger role than gender. Only 10% of Republican women had blocked someone compared to 14% of Democratic men. Here is a chart created by PRRI:


The behavior on social media also tracked with similar decisions offline. Democrats were five times more likely than Republicans (10% vs. 2%) to say they would try to avoid spending time with certain relatives because of their political outlook.