Harassment of GOP electors continues as vote nears

Even as progressives whine about the threat Donald Trump represents to Democratic norms, the harassment of GOP electors has continued across the country. In Arizona, electors Bruce Ash and Alberto Gutier tell Tucson.com the number of calls, letters and emails are increasing as the vote draws near:

Ash, a Republican national committeeman and one of the electoral voters, has received more than 700 letters and 6,500 emails asking, demanding and, in some cases threatening, him to vote for any candidate other than Trump…

For electoral voter Alberto Gutier, director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the messages have gotten nastier in the days leading up to Monday.

He counts the number of emails sent to his work email — 80,540. Twenty seconds later, and another six emails trickle in.

Gutier said people are even calling him in the late hours of the night to urge him to change his vote.

On Thursday, Michigan GOP elector Jim Rhoads told Neil Cavuto people were attempting to get his personal phone number by pretending to be old friends. “I belong to an organization and these people are calling that organization and saying ‘hey, we need Jim Rhoads’ phone number, I’m an old lost friend from high school,'” Rhoads said. Asked if he had been threatened he replied, “I’ve had a couple of insinuations but they’re not going to intimidate me.” Rhoads told Politico, “I never can imagine harassing people like this. It’s just f—– up.”

Ed wrote Thursday about a group of celebrities who put together a video asking electors to dump Trump. It turns out that campaign also included personalized videos sent to individual electors like this one (h/t Politico). Tell me this isn’t creepy.


This harassment campaign has been going on for weeks. I first wrote about it a month ago and it seems to have only gotten worse as Democrats get more desperate. Progressives concerned about violating Democratic norms ought to be asked about tens of thousands of harassing calls, letters and emails—some of them threatening—being sent to GOP electors. Is that how we do things in this country?

David Strom 7:01 PM on September 24, 2022