Democrats: Let's delay the electoral college vote

The latest twist in Democrats’ campaign to undermine the electoral college has been bubbling up for about a week now. Yesterday, Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia posted a statement on his Facebook page saying the electoral college vote, scheduled to take place Monday, should be delayed:

Recent, credible intelligence reports suggest a concerted effort by a foreign power to interfere in the outcome of our presidential election.

I believe that Electors should be given all information relevant to this interference before they make their decisions and before they cast their votes.

Congress must take whatever action is necessary to protect the integrity of our democracy. I call on the leaders of Congress to delay the date of the vote for the Electoral College until an intelligence briefing has been given to each Elector.

Beyer told the Washington Post later in the day, “If we don’t act early, and soon, we run the risk of having an illegitimate president.” That certainly makes it sound as if the goal here is more than getting information.

Meanwhile, a petition has been circulating on for the last week asking for such a delay in the vote. It has nearly 175,000 signatures at this point. Also yesterday, there was a message posted on claiming that Nancy Pelosi was asking for help to push this delay on President Obama. There has been no statement verifying this from Pelosi, meaning it may be “fake news.” Even so, more than 30,000 people have signed it in just 24 hours.

As you can tell from Rep. Beyer’s statement, all of this fresh activity surrounding a call to delay the vote is piggybacking on an effort by a group of Democratic electors, led by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine Pelosi, to demand an intelligence briefing before the vote is taken. Yesterday I noted the number of signatories to that letter had climbed to forty. Today it reached 68, with all but one of them Democrats.

So first we had the call for a intelligence briefing, which as Fox News’ Chris Wallace notes below, would be a stretch given that most of the electors do not have a security clearance. Now, on top of that request you have a call to delay the vote until the first demand is satisfied.

It really is looking more and more like Democrats are groping their way toward a concerted effort to change the results of this election. How many weeks ago was it when failing to accept the results of an election was frowned upon as a threat to democracy? Seems like an age ago.

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Jazz Shaw 1:01 PM on April 01, 2023