Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle being considered for press secretary

President-elect Trump is reportedly considering hiring Fox News’ host Kimberly Guilfoyle as his press secretary. From Politico:

Guilfoyle, a host on Fox News’ “The Five,” was spotted at the Trump Tower last week where she had lunch with top staffers in the transition team. She did not meet with Trump directly, but she’s slated to return this week to the 5th Avenue building where Trump has paraded out his potential appointments…

“Do you want a white male representing the White House when half the country thinks the President is a misogynist?” said a Guilfoyle champion in Trump’s inner circle.

“Who do you want talking about Immigration? A Latino. When you have to make decisions about pro-life justices, do you want a man or a woman?”

That’s not such a bad argument actually. Trump may not want to embrace identity politics but a public facing position like press secretary is one place where it might make sense to at least think about it. Here’s Guilfoyle from her days as assistant DA in San Francisco looking a bit less glamorous than she often appears on Fox News:


How many Fox News people has Trump considered for the position of press secretary so far? A couple days ago CNN reported that Kellyanne Conway had turned down the job:

Conway told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Monday she turned down the job of press secretary, traditionally the most visible staff role in the White House.

“I have politely declined that job, Hugh,” she said. “I think it’s an incredibly important position to fill.”

Before that, Fox News reported Trump was considered Laura Ingraham for the position. And a few weeks later, Politico reported the Trump team was also considering Monica Crowley for the job. But while Guilfoyle may still be in the running, she is apparently not the front-runner: