David Brock: 'Trump is off-the-rack impeachable'

Media Matters founder David Brock gave a speech to a group of Democratic lawmakers and activists Monday in which he called the party to immediately begin resisting the Trump administration, even before Trump takes office:

Given the reality of the election, the Democratic Party must quickly learn to be an opposition party. I know it’s not in Democratic DNA, but the need to aggressively oppose Trump is urgent. We won the most votes in this election, and we should act like it. It’s time to put on our big boy pants.

We can’t afford to wait until inauguration to begin. We have a moral obligation to the majority of voters who did not vote for this Administration to resist Trump now with every fiber in our beings…

This is not just about blocking and tackling. There is great opportunity for Democrats to foment backlash among some Trump supporters and win back their votes in 2018 and 2020.

Near the end of his speech, which came across as a rallying cry to dispirited Democrats, Brock suggested Trump was ready-made for impeachment:

From his new hotel in the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue to his massive overseas financial interests that can flourish or fail depending on U.S. government policy, he is laying the groundwork for a kleptocracy that would make Boss Tweed blush.

Now, Trump has insisted that the president can’t have a conflict of interest. He’s dusted off Nixon’s twisted logic that “when the president does it, that means it’s not illegal.”

Trump is off-the-rack impeachable.

That line brought a smattering of applause, though less than Brock seemed to expect.

In addition to outright obstructionism in the near term, Brock is recommending a couple of medium and long-term strategies for regaining power. First, he notes that the GOP gained strength from the ground up, meaning Democrats need to start thinking more seriously about how to win back seats at the state level. The executive director of SIX, the group Brock was addressing, told the Washington Post, “This is the first time I’ve seen a level of seriousness by donors and funders about state and local strategies. People understand what they’ve been putting their money behind has led us to this place, and hasn’t worked.”

Brock’s other strategy is to continue to work the media. Tuesday Brock told reporters he was starting a “war room” to oppose Trump and hoped to turn one of his current sites into the “Breitbart of the left.” From the Hill:

Liberal political operative David Brock, a close ally of former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, told reporters on Tuesday that his super PAC, American Bridge, has established a war room that will act as an aggressor and a watchdog for the Trump transition team and his incoming administration…

Brock says that Shareblue could turn into the “Breitbart of the left” — as long as it receives a significant financial investment…

And Brock said that Media Matters will need to retrain its focus from monitoring Fox News and conservative talk radio to combating a scourge of fake news and conspiracy theories that have percolated online.

Brock is planning a meeting with hundreds of progressive donors over inauguration weekend in hopes of funding these initiatives.