Paul Ryan will win speaker election

Paul Ryan is set to win his bid to continue as House Speaker. Politico reports:

Paul Ryan is poised to win a secret-ballot election to serve a second term as speaker, as House Republicans look to move past years of internal bickering and unite behind President-elect Donald Trump.

The Wisconsin Republican, who last week started making calls to fellow lawmakers to lock down support, only needs the backing of a majority of the Republican conference. The bigger hurdle will come in January, when Ryan must garner a majority of lawmakers present — typically 218 votes — to keep his gavel…

Ironically, the speaker’s easy path to reelection comes just days after he was seen as at his most vulnerable. Since early October, Trump’s most adamant House supporters have steamed over Ryan’s decision to distance himself from the GOP nominee.

Ryan really did look like he might be persona non grata with the president-elect, but since the election he has made public efforts to mend fences with Trump. Last week he said Trump had earned a mandate. And, as Allahpundit pointed out, Ryan also held what he called a “fantastic, productive meeting” with Trump after which he emphasized his excitement about the incoming administration and what it could accomplish for the country.

That seems to have been enough for Trump, who has not been hinting that he is interested in new leadership in the House. Politico reports members of the House Freedom Caucus are following Trump’s lead, with some now saying they plan to support Ryan.

Ryan endorsed Trump but also publicly rebuked him several times during the campaign. In June, Ryan said Trump’s criticism of Judge Curiel was “textbook” racism. In October, Ryan announced that he would no longer defend Trump after a video tape surfaced in which Trump talked about grabbing women without their consent.