Report: DNC headquarters may have been bugged

There’s an exclusive report this afternoon at Mother Jones saying the DNC has informed the FBI that it turned up evidence its offices were bugged:

In late October, after conservative activist James O’Keefe released a new set of hidden-camera videos targeting Democrats, interim party chairwoman Donna Brazile ordered up another sweep. There was a concern that Republican foes might have infiltrated the DNC offices, where volunteers were reporting to work on phone banks and other election activities. (For some of their actions, O’Keefe and his crew have used people posing as volunteers to gain access to Democratic outfits.)

The second sweep, according to the Democratic officials, found a radio signal near the chairman’s office that indicated there might be a listening device outside the office. “We were told that this was something that could pick up calls from cellphones,” a DNC official says. “The guys who did the sweep said it was a strong indication.” No device was recovered. No possible culprits were identified.

Author David Corn opens the story by saying it is “reminiscent” of Watergate but that seems like a stretch given what little we know about who is responsible or, frankly, whether anything happened at all.

The quotes in this story are coming from unnamed DNC officials so it seems someone decided to leak this story to Mother Jones at this moment right before the election. I guess the agenda here is to reinforce the claim that Russia is working to take down Hillary Clinton.

That might be more convincing if the investigation had found 1) a suspicious device or 2) evidence someone planted the device or 3) confirmation this signal even came from such a device. As it is this is a report about a radio signal that “might be a listening device.” That’s interesting and may lead to something down the line but it would be helpful to know what else the signal might have been and also to have some idea why no one could find the device after picking up the signal. Did someone spirit it away after the signal was discovered. Was it being operated from one of those listening vans you always see in the movies? There’s not a lot here on which to base any conclusions.