Peter Kadzik gave John Podesta a 'heads up' on Clinton email developments at DOJ

Peter Kadzik, the Assistant Attorney General who sent letters to Congress Monday about the ongoing investigation into emails discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, once gave John Podesta a “heads up” about developments at DOJ in the Clinton email investigation.

An email released by Wikileaks shows Kadzik emailed Podesta on May 19, 2015. The subject of the email was “Heads up.” Notably, the email from did not come from an official DOJ account but from a personal gmail account.

The body of the email contained two updates, “There is a HJC oversight hearing today where the head of our Civil Division will testify. Likely to get questions on State Department emails. Another filing in the FOIA case went in last night or will go in this am that indicates it will be awhile (2016) before the State Department posts the emails.”

Podesta forwarded Kadzik’s email to Cheryl Mills, Jennifer Palmieri, Brian Fallon, Nick Merrill and Heather Samuelson adding a note, “Additional chances for mischief.”

Kadzik and Podesta were classmates at Georgetown law school. Kadzik later represented Podesta when he testified before Ken Starr during the Monica Lewinsky investigation. In a 2008 email recommending Kadzik for a job in the Obama administration, Podesta wrote, “Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail.” Another Wikileaks email shows Kadzik had dinner with John Podesta the day after Hillary Benghazi testimony.

Kadzik’s name popped again up Monday when it appeared on letters sent to various Members of Congress who had demanded more information about the ongoing investigation into Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer. The letters promised that DOJ would continue to work with the FBI to expedite the investigation.

So one of the people at DOJ currently involved with the investigation into the emails found on Weiner’s laptop has previously given a private “heads up” to his friend John Podesta about developments in the email investigation. Given his closeness to Hillary’s campaign chairman, Peter Kadzik really should not be involved in the ongoing investigation.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on June 02, 2023