Paul Krugman goes full conspiracy theory on FBI Director Comey's letter to congress

Paul Krugman’s reaction to FBI Director Comey’s letter to Congress today announcing the re-opening of the Clinton email investigation began with outrage and gradually moved to straight up conspiracy theory. Here’s Krugman’s initial reaction calling the letter “Disgraceful.”

Paul Krugman is against raising questions in a substance-free way. We’ll come back to that in a moment. But first, Krugman already has some insight into Comey’s motive:

Krugman is saying that, as it stands, Comey’s intent is partisan, i.e. to hurt Hillary Clinton. That’s established. Comey needs to prove himself innocent or else…resign?

Forget Hillary. The guy who every Democrat said was a straight shooter after he declined to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton is now the story:

And finally Krugman goes full Alex Jones:

Remember how a few tweets earlier Krugman was saying it was “disgraceful” to “do the ‘raises questions,’ substance-free innuendo thing.” It only took 20 minutes to go from that to Krugman asking “But is he trying to help R senators?” And he’s not done issuing fact-free conclusions:

How dare he report that the FBI has reopened an investigation without telling us Hillary will be cleared in advance!

Here’s an unusual choice of metaphor for talking about a Clinton scandal:

Krugman’s behavior here reminds me of what he did after the Tucson shooting. Without knowing anything he has already decided what happened here and assigned blame. He won’t be alone of course but he is once again spreading an unfounded conspiracy theory about the FBI Director, just as he did about Sarah Palin back in 2011. Unless he has some evidence Comey has a political motivation he shouldn’t be assuming that’s the case.

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